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"Frequently Asked Questions"

(updated irregularly)


Question *** Your web site is OVERLOADED with much information?
Answer *** - We're Sorry... If you spend the necessary time to READ the links
that were automatically emailed to you (via Paypal) then it's very easy! We process
100's of AUCTION BIDS (every week) and to answer each email "specifically" is almost impossible.
Please read the below 'FAQ' links before emailing us your questions.

Question #1 - I have paid via Paypal, Check or Money Order and
have not heard from you regarding shipment, etc.?

Answer #1 - Due to the large number of orders (auction bids, search engines &/or banner ads),
we can not feasibly acknowledge every payment. Therefore, (see #2), before
contacting us regarding your order! Over 300,000 hits a month! According to Ebay policy,
we have up to 7-15 days to process an order.

Question #2 - Why does it take up to 7-15 days to receive an order?
Answer #2 - Because we receive many, many orders from search engines and the many auction
sellers that promote our products. Therefore, we need that extra time to make sure your order is correct.
Over 300,000 hits a month! According to Ebay policy, we have up to 7-15 days to process an order.

Question #3 - Why didn't I get an Auction Freedie &/or Goodie?
Answer #3 - Only bidders who use our online order cart will receive these Freebies &/or Goodies.
A bidder MUST actually include Freebie/Goodie by clicking 'Add To Your Shopping Cart' button.

Question #4 - Why is your s&h a flat fee of $5.99? It seems high!
Answer #4 - In actuality, most auction sellers charge you for the 1st item,
then each additional item which in return you'll be paying unrealistic s&h charges.
We feel our one set price of $5.99 (even $1.99 for some auctions) is a FAIR price.

Question #5 - I placed an auction order an have not received it yet? What gives!!
Answer #5 - Before you start to PANIC read Question #1. If that time has
elasped then email us all the pertinent info (User ID, Auction #, Brief Description,
Payment Method, Invoice Number, etc. - WE ARE NOT PSYCHICS!!).

Question #6 - I want to buy wholesale? Do you have a link?
Answer #6 - Click here (email us for User ID & Password is required)!

Question #7 - You have not left me feedback?
Answer #7 - We do NOT leave feedback... Our auction sellers do!
We do not list auctions only fulfill them! You will need to
contact the Auction Seller (not us).

Question #8 - Where do I send payment (contact info, paypal info, etc)?
Answer #8 - Click here!

Question #9 - Where do I checkout? Do you have a web page?
Answer #9 - Click here!

Question #10 - Do you have a Email Mailing List?
Answer #10 - Click here!

Question #11 - Where is all your flat fee S&H information (international info too)?
Answer #11 - Click here!

Question #12 - How do I receive Auction Freebies &/or Goodies?
Answer #12 - Click here!

Question #13 - How do I discount the s&h on my order?
My s&h should be $1.99 not $5.99.

Answer #13 - Click here to see how to reduce amount!

Question #14 - Can I upgrade my bid(s) to a larger quantity?
Answer #14 - YES... But make sure you include your original bid amount and pay for
one transaction (not 2)... If you pay separately you'll will be charged s&h again!

Question #15 - If I upgrade my original bid quantity will I have to pay additional s&h?
Answer #15 - See #14.

Question #16 - I thought my s&h was a flat fee of $1.99 for any quantity?
Answer #16 - For Novelty Money Only... Click here for details!