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HIGHLY COLLECTABLE!!! Not the gag/novelty stuff!! This has features you won't believe. Check this out!! The look and feel of real money! The Million Dollar Bill actually includes high security banknote features that the new Federal Reserve notes don't have! There are only a handful of companies in North America with the equipment and expertise to print currency, passports, bonds and other high security documents. Design work for a new banknote takes hundreds of hours from highly skilled designers. Expensive high security printing plates must be used as well as special restricted paper and other anti-counterfeiting devices. The million dollar bill not only matches the look and feel of real money, it even has some additional security features. There are a few cheap novelty products on the market printed on regular paper by commercial printers. This note is very different. When you touch The Million Dollar Bill, you will be convinced that you are holding real money. This note will be a lot of fun and will never be thrown away. Because of the high quality design, raised intaglio printing and security paper, several consultations with the United States Secret Service, Department of the Treasury and independent legal counsel were necessary. The final printing plates for the million dollar bill could only be prepared after making a number of minor design changes as required by the U.S. Secret Service. As a unique design which does not duplicate any current or past currency, The Million Dollar Bill can be lawfully sold throughout the United States and in most other countries.

**** Real Currency Features **** 1.) Banknote Paper: The Million Dollar Bill is printed on real currency grade paper with a unique watermark. This particular paper is available only to B A Banknote. 2.) Intaglio Printing: Just like real money, the front and back of the Million Dollar Bill are printed from engraved steel plates. This expensive high security process gives the note the feel of real money. 3.) Intricate Design: The design of the Million Dollar Bill is extremely fine and detailed, just like real money. The central vignette was engraved by a highly skilled designer who previously prepared real banknotes for the United States and other countries. 4.) Microlettering: Just above "United States of America" on the face of the note, the denomination "One Million / 1,000,000" is repeated in extremely fine printing which cannot be reproduced on a color laser copier. 5.) "Invisible" Printing: The back of the note is printed with a special high security "invisible" ink. If you place the note under an ultra violet or black light, the words "A symbol of the American Dream" can be clearly seen repeated across the note. 6.) Fluorescent Seal: The green "seal" on the front of The Million Dollar Bill is printed in a special security ink which fluoresces under ultra violet light. 7.) Unique Serial Number: Each note has its own unique serial number.