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Some times there are things that must be brought forth for the good of the families in the USA but they are not allowed to come forth for political and economic reasons. In short, some rich self interest group is suppressing the advancement of our society. We believe it is in the best interests of the society to have all the technical advancements that God has revealed through inventors to enrich our lives. We think that it is often necessary for the people to get behind these inventors and make sure they get a fair hearing for their claims. Some things that sound too good to be true are, none-the-less, true! All experts said it was impossible to fly, but the people in an outcry in numbers to then President Teddy Roosevelt got the government to give them a chance to prove it. Without that public support it would not have happened for them. For this reason, in the same spirit that supported the Wright brothers in their effort to prove flight was possible, we have started a Grass Roots Public Support Program for our members. We will give people with what we believe to be reasonable claims to advance society as a whole the opportunity to prove them. In return for our collective support we will always negotiate a benefit to the members. Our public support should be real valuable to someone who is really seeking to make a contribution to society, but is being blocked from offering awareness to the general public. We have located one inventor to get behind so far, but there will most likely be a lot more where that comes from.  


The International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) and Better World Technologies is developing a technology that will produce clean, non-polluting, electricity at no operating cost using a permanent magnet motor to drive the world’s most efficient generator. ITEC plans to set up an alternative to the existing power plants in America by placing 16,000,000 units on residences in America. Their plan is for families to have a 30 kwh free electric generator to not only provide their energy consumption but also to facilitate cash flow to ITEC by selling the excess power produced to the electric companies back over the grid. They are willing to give people, just for attending public demonstrations of the technology, an allotment of 26,000 kwh of electricity annually at absolutely no charge for the power possibly for life. The average ALL electric home (for heat, lights, appliances, water, and everything) uses 2 kwh average every hour. This allotment will make you the priority on the line to get whatever power you need before any of the excess is sent to the electric company, and you can have an average of 3 kwh (1.5 times as much as the average all electric home uses.)  Any electricity you need beyond this generous allotment will be charged to you for the same wholesale price the electric company will buy it for. You will still be hooked up to the electric company and can throw a switch to have the power flow back from them to you in the event of a mechanical failure. The only cost to participants, after the technologies are proven in these public presentations,  will be the one time out of pocket cost of an estimated $2,000 per unit. Those people of the United States society who are chosen to participate on any level and invited into this program shall be selected from the population at large on a “first come” basis. People will have to be invited by special invitation to participate in this limited offer. The offer will only ever be extended to sixteen million residents. People MUST register to be a part of this program.  

Initially, ten percent of the total number (1.6 million of these) will be allowed into the program at no cost... FREE! They call this first group the “Witnesses”. The Witnesses will be given this special consideration to join absolutely free because they will be recruited BEFORE there are any “working model” demonstrations for them to see. The witnesses will be required to take, on faith, what will later be proven to those who get involved before they get involved. Witnesses shall also have faith that ITEC will be able to produce the working models when the time comes. These witnesses will also get the first option to determine who the other 14.4 million recipients shall be (perhaps you will invite friends or family to participate after it is proven.) This second group shall all have to pay the estimated $2,000 for the same rights the Witnesses shall get at no charge. Members have the opportunity to register to become a Witnesses. All a Witness will have to do in order to possibly get all their electricity for free for the rest of their lives is show up at one of 100 public presentations the one closest to where the Witness lives). The plan is to have two working models hooked up to homes and producing free electricity in each state of the fifty states.  

We have decided to allocate these Witness opportunities at no cost to our members with the understanding that each of these Witnesses shall have the first OPTION of locating (9) nine  referrals for the $2,000 program AFTER the public demonstrations have been successful. YOU DO NOT EVER HAVE TO INVITE OR REFER ANYONE TO THIS PROGRAM! Details of this program will be explained more fully at that time. The Witnesses are NOT REQUIRED to locate any referrals. They will be given the PRIVILEGE of doing so for a 60 sixty day period from the date of the public demonstrations. If, within 60 days of the demonstrations, all or any part of the nine positions have not been filled by the Witness, then the club shall withdraw the privilege for the Witness to fill them and recruit these others itself. We shall issue Witness registrations to the members in order to fulfill the commitment that we have made to UCSA to locate witnesses in advance of the public demonstrations. We have therefore initiated a membership Witness program to support this worthy cause of insuring mass public awareness to keep those in our society who would not wish to see this technology released from squashing this great benefit for the people of America in general, and for our members especially.

          If, for any reason, you are not interested in being a witness at this historic event, then please indicate that on your membership application, then we will not send you a registration form and invitation to attend the demonstrations. YOU MUST EITHER ATTEND OR HAVE SOMEONE ATTEND FOR YOU ON THAT DAY, OR YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO THE FREE ELECTRICITY OFFER. IT IS PAYMENT FOR YOUR HAVING ATTENDED.

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