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These are actual governmental secret reports (CD-Rom) on some of your favorite celebrities. You may find much of the 'undercover' contents UNBELIEVABLE! Find out the 'real scoop' on the Hitmans, Gansters, Movie Stars, Murderers, Politicians, Crime Bosses, Massacres & Uprisings!! There are literally millions of documents in this set... You will not be disappointed!



Secret celebrity documents vary in length. Some are thousands of pages and others a few pages. Due to this fact, we only scanned one sample document. This shows you what the actual governmental document looks like. If we scanned them all to web page then you could just save all the images and print without ordering. It would take you 1,000 years but it could be done. :) We update with new documents every month!


All Are Available (see bottom)... We still are loading individual items (boooooooring)!

Alcatraz Escape

 #FAH85001 - $6.99 each


American Friends Service Committee

 #FAH85002 - $6.99 each


American POWs/MIAs in Southeast Asia

 #FAH85003 - $6.99 each


Animal/Cattle Mutilation

  #FAH85004 - $6.99 each


Aryan Brotherhood

 #FAH85005 - $6.99 each


Atlanta Child Murders

 #FAH85006 - $6.99 each


Atlanta FBI Field Office -- Hostage Situation

 #FAH85007 - $6.99 each


Baby Face Nelson

 #FAH85008 - $6.99 each


Baker, Josephine

 #FAH85009 - $6.99 each

Ball, Lucille
Barbie, Klaus
Barker-Karpis Gang (summary)
Black, Hugo
Black Legion
Black Panther Party-Winston Salem, NC
Blunt, Anthony
Bonnie and Clyde (summary)
Bonus March
Booth, John Wilkes
Bowtie (Profumo Matter)
Brecht, Bertolt
Bundy, Theodore Robert
Burgess, McLean and Philby
Capone, Al
v Chavez, Cesar and United Farm Workers
Churchill, Winston
Clergy and Laity Concerned about Vietnam
Communist Infiltration-Motion Picture Industry (COMPIC)
Council on Foreign Relations
Custodial Detention
Daily Worker
Dalitz, Morris "Moe"
Darrow, Clarence
Deacons for Defense
and Justice DeSalvo, Albert
Dies, Martin
Dillinger, John (Summary)
Donovan, William J.
DuBois, W. E. B.
Earhart, Amelia
Einstein, Albert
Eisler, Hanns
Fard, Wallace D
Faulkner, William
Five Percenters
Flynn, Errol
Ford, Henry
Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts Annual Statistical Report
Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts Reference Manual
Gacy, John Wayne
Galante, Carmine
Gambino, Carlo
Gay Activists Alliance
Genovese, Vito
Giancana, Sam
Greenlease Kidnapping (Summary)
Hammer, Armand/Occidental Petroleum
Hanfstangl, Ernst Franz Sedwick (Putzi)
Highlander Folk School
The Hindenburg Disaster
Hitler, Adolph
Hoffman, Abbie (Abbott)
Hoover, J. Edgar
Jonestown Summary
Kennedy, John F., Jr.
Kennedy, Joseph P.
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kennedy, Robert F. Assassination (Summary) v Kent State University
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Korean Airline Flight 007
Krivitsky, Walter G.
Ku Klux Klan
Lattimore, Owen
Lennon, John
Levison, Stanley
Lewis, John L.
Lindbergh, Charles
Little, Malcolm X
Liuzzo, Viola Murder
London, Jack
Long, Huey
Luciano, Charles "Lucky"
Majestic 12
Mann, Thomas
Mantle, Mickey
Marcantonio, Vito
Marga, Ananda
Marshall, Thurgood
McCarthy, Joseph
Miami, Florida, Shooting Incident
Miburn (Mississippi Burning)
Monroe, Marilyn
Moorish Science Temple of America
Muhammad, Elijah
Nathan Silvermaster Group
National Alliance
Ness, Eliot
Nureyev, Rudolph
Onassis, Aristotle
Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy
Orwell, George
Osage Indian Murders
Parker, Mack Charles
Parsons, John
Picasso, Pablo
Posse Comitatus
Presley, Elvis
Pretty Boy Floyd and Kansas Massacre (Summary)
Project Blue Book
Purvis, Melvin
Reich, Wilhelm
Rockefeller, Nelson
Robeson, Paul and Eslanda
Robinson, Jackie
Rogers, Will
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Roselli, John
Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel (Summary)
Rudolph, Arthur
Rukeyser, Muriel
Sacco/Vanzetti Case
St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Siegel, Bugsy
Sinatra, Frank
Smith, Clarence 13X
Spellman, Francis Cardinal
Steinbeck, John
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Supreme Court
Surreptitious Entries
Telephone Logs/Appointments/Calendars of J. Edgar Hoover
Tesla, Nikola
Tokyo Rose (Iva Ikako Toguri D'Aquino)
Tolson, Clyde
Tresca, Carlos
Trotsky, Leon
Unidentified Flying Objects
Von Braun, Wernher
Wayne, John
Weatherman Underground
Wilkins, Roy
Winchell, Walter
Windsor, Duke and Duchess
Wright, Richard Nathaniel
Zwillman, Abner "Longie"



 #FAH85000-ALL - $299 complete set (Reg: $1,000+)